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Coverage of "Climate Confusion Among U.S. Teachers"

Wed, 2016-02-17 18:38

"Climate Confusion Among U.S. Teachers" (PDF), a paper in the journal Science describing the first nationwide survey of climate change education in the United States, conceived and funded by NCSE and conducted in collaboration with researchers at Pennsylvania State University, received extensive coverage in the press. Here is a sampling.

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Bible-as-science-reference bill in Idaho

Tue, 2016-02-16 20:21

Idaho's Senate Bill 1321 (PDF), introduced on February 12, 2016, and referred to the Senate Committee on State Affairs, would, if enacted, permit the use of the Bible in Idaho's public schools "for reference purposes to further the study of" a variety of topics, including "astronomy, biology, [and] geology."

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Arizona's Darwin Day bill progresses

Tue, 2016-02-16 18:23

Arizona's Senate Resolution 1001, which would, if enacted, express the Senate's recognition of February 12, 2016, as International Darwin Day, was passed on a 5-1 vote by the Senate Committee on Natural Resources on February 15, 2016.

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Antonin Scalia dies

Tue, 2016-02-16 00:13

Antonin Scalia

Antonin Scalia, a justice on the United States Supreme Court, died on February 13, 2016, at the age of 79, according to the obituary in The New York Times (February 14, 2016). Appointed by President Ronald Reagan, Scalia served on the court from 1986 until his death. The Times wrote of the controversial Scalia that his "transformative legal theories, vivid writing and outsize personality made him a leader of a conservative intellectual renaissance in his three decades on the Supreme Court."

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Facebook: n > 150,000

Fri, 2016-02-12 14:45

A milestone: there are now over 150,000 fans of NCSE's Facebook page. Why not join them, by visiting the page and becoming a fan by clicking on the "Like" box by NCSE's name?

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"Climate Confusion Among U.S. Teachers"

Thu, 2016-02-11 20:15

The first nationwide survey of climate change education in the United States, conducted by researchers at NCSE and Pennsylvania State University, was described in "Climate Confusion Among U.S. Teachers," published (PDF) in the February 12, 2016, issue of the journal Science.

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Update from Mississippi

Wed, 2016-02-10 22:27

The principal sponsor of Mississippi's House Bill 50 acknowledged that the bill seeks to allow teachers to present creationism.

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Science standards rejected in Idaho

Tue, 2016-02-09 20:09

"Idaho lawmakers have rejected new K-12 science standards after receiving criticism over how the [standards] — which for the first time include global warming and evolution components — were finalized," reported the Associated Press (February 9, 2016).

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Antiscience bill in Mississippi

Tue, 2016-02-09 19:07

House Bill 50, introduced in the Mississippi House of Representatives and referred to the House Education Committee on February 8, 2016, would, if enacted, allow science teachers with idiosyncratic opinions to teach anything they pleased — and prohibit responsible educational authorities from intervening.

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