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'When Athens Met Jerusalem' With John Mark Reynolds

ID the Future - Thu, 2014-07-24 18:20
Listen Now. On this episode of ID the Future Logan Gage interviews CSC Fellow John Mark Reynolds, author of the book When Athens Met Jerusalem: An Introduction to Classical and Christian Thought. Listen in as Dr. Reynolds explains the...
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Convergent Evolution Strikes Again: Orb-Weaver Spiders

Orb-weaver spiders are one of the most common types of spiders. They're the ones you find in your garden, building those beautiful big circular webs. Casey Luskin
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New Book "Rescues" Alfred Russel Wallace -- by Refashioning Him in Darwin's Image

Meanwhile the very issue that divided the two founders of modern evolutionary theory -- the cognitive capacities of Homo sapiens -- remains unresolved by Darwinian mechanisms. Michael Flannery
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So, as George Johnson of the NY Times Says, Intelligent Design Is Just "Creationist Superstition," Is It?

Watch this video that's just been released, the latest in a series of conversations with Stephen Meyer about his book. David Klinghoffer
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Is Natural Selection Like a Computer Algorithm?

Mixing metaphors between computers and evolution is bound to produce questionable results. Evolution News & Views
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How They'll Write About Intelligent Design Someday

When it comes to ID, science writer George Johnson in the New York Times has generally seemed to subscribe to the Great Equation. David Klinghoffer
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Each Time Genomic "Junk" Turns Out to Be Functional, the Case for Intelligent Design Gets Stronger

William Dembski argued in No Free Lunch that intelligent design theory yields no false positives: the Design Filter he modeled doesn't allow them. Evolution News & Views
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Paul Nelson at the Society for Developmental Biology

The title of Paul's poster was "The Target Problem in Characterizing Early Metazoan Developmental Sequences." Jonathan Wells
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An Open Letter to Kenneth Miller and PZ Myers

Everyone is looking forward to seeing your calculations. Please keep the rhetoric to a minimum. Michael Behe
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Self-Intelligent Design Proves Human Exceptionalism

Opponents of human exceptionalism never tire of inventing arguments for why human beings are entitled to no special moral standing. Wesley J. Smith
Categories: Anti-Science News

A Deep and Abiding Need for Neanderthals to Be Stupid. Why?

When Neanderthal man was first classified, he satisfied a felt need for a separate, intellectually inferior human species. Denyse O'Leary
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Setting the Record Straight: Stephen Meyer and "Junk" DNA

An Amazon reviewer faults Stephen Meyer's Signature in the Cell for not discussing the question of "junk" DNA. Actually, he does, in multiple places. Here's the lowdown. Andrew McDiarmid
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War on Humans: How Would Legalizing Assisted Suicide Help the Downtrodden?

A South African anti-apartheid icon joins the debate on doctor-prescribed death. Et tu, Tutu? Wesley J. Smith
Categories: Anti-Science News

The Edge of Evolution: Why Darwin's Mechanism Is Self-Limiting

As we've discussed extensively here over the past week, a recent paper confirms a key inference I made in 2007 in The Edge of Evolution. Michael Behe
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The Michael Medved Show: Stephen Meyer Debates Michael Shermer

ID the Future - Fri, 2014-07-18 16:04
Listen Now. On this episode of ID the Future, Stephen Meyer debates Michael Shermer, founding publisher of Skeptic magazine, on the question: Should scientists be skeptical about Darwinian evolution? The debate extends into the topics of whether we should...
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Peer-Reviewed Science: What the Field of Systems Biology Can Tell Us About Intelligent Design

"'Reverse engineering' would seem to imply that there was 'engineering' in the first place." Casey Luskin
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Now with 12 Emmy Nominations, Why Shouldn't Cosmos End Up in the Schools?

As a media vehicle, the series is much less "educationally driven" than it is message-driven. David Klinghoffer
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The Tang Factor: Last Night with William Dembski at McCaw Hall

What does a powdered orange drink have to do with Dembski's argument that information underlies material reality rather than the other way around? David Klinghoffer
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When Biologists Think Like Engineers: How the Burgeoning Field of Systems Biology Supports Intelligent Design

What if many scientists are doing this and they don't even realize it? Casey Luskin
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So, Michael Behe Was Right After All; What Will the Critics Say Now?

Is an apology from Behe's critics then forthcoming? In a world where debates were conducted with the goal of discovering truth rather scoring points, it sure ought to be. Casey Luskin
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