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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 06 2006,16:24   

Would you wear the cardigan of a serial killer?
Ars Technica - Boston,MA,USA
.. Hood believes that efforts by scientists to combat irrational beliefs
such as witch-doctors, the supernatural, or creationism are ultimately
doomed to failure ...
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Malcontent makes comic gold of bilious bugbears - Bray,Ireland
.. his quail-hunting buddy in the chest, and, naturally, Dubya himself
also took a sustained verbal beating, especially on the issue of creationism
and evolution. ...

Sagan National Colloquium Fall Semester Lectures Spotlight The ...
Connect2 OWU - Delaware,OH,USA
The Ground Rules of Science: Why the Judge Ruled Intelligent Design
Creationism Out of Court. Professor Robert Pennock is the author of
The Tower of Babel ...

Panel to consider guidelines for teaching controversial subjects
Akron Beacon Journal - Akron,OH,USA
.. "Teachers who want to teach creationism can use it as cover," said
Patricia Princehouse, who teaches philosophy and evolutionary biology
at Case Western ...

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