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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 30 2005,01:35   

WHY Intelligent Design Will Win
Human Events - USA
.. conservatives talk, there is no room for proponents of intelligent
design (ID) in the ... Richard Dawkins said in a recent Salon interview,
evolution produces "the ...
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EXPERTS debate intelligent design at Boston University
Science & Theology News - Quincy,MA,USA
Supporters of intelligent design, the belief that some aspects of the universe
.. at Boston University and battled supporters of Darwinian evolution
in front of a ...
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INTELLIGENT design also rational explanation based on study
Jackson Clarion Ledger - Jackson,MS,USA
.. The second point he makes is that creationists, or intelligent design
advocates, continue to use religious principles to judge evolution advocates.

TEACHING theories: Why stop with Intelligent Design?
Wednesday Journal - Oak Park,IL,USA
.. You will never hear IDers mention those words though because they want
the public schools to teach Intelligent Design to rebut evolution, but
the public ...

DRIVER'S Seat Another look at intelligent design
Tampa Bay Newspapers - Seminole,FL,USA
.. This is intelligent design? ... As we point out flaws in the ID philosophy,
we should also take a whack at the theory of evolution. ...

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