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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 07 2007,14:02   

Just hoping one of you has it.

Edit: Fuck my bad typing.

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Did you know that God created CO2?

It's not that the Bible tells us there are no consequences for our actions on the planet. In fact, it quite explicitly does. But it is not the production of carbon dioxide that God finds offensive. It is the commission of sin. Nowhere in the Bible does God ever suggest that producing CO2 is sinful.

Got that? So there. Neener, neener! :p

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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 08 2007,01:03   

oh... my... god...

As a side note, believe me I DO find it incredibly ironic that I choose to take the lord's name in vain when contemplating the actions of his faithful.  I was once headed towards a family gathering with some born again relatives, and muttered a request for Jesus to help my sanity survive the event.

Anyway..  wow.  So.. is that quote implying that sin is heating up the planet?  Or that if we didn't sin it would still be heating up, but everything would just be hunky dory since there wouldn't be quite so much sex going around?

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