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(Permalink) Posted: April 07 2006,12:23   

It was a lousy day for intelligent design, which has had a lot of
bad days lately.  Even as a missing link showed up on the pages
of Nature, a report in Science from the University of Oregon
showed how a new hormone-receptor pair evolved.  An existing
molecule, created for a different role, was recruited to do the
new job.  The lead author, Joseph Thornton, believes this may be
common in the evolution of complex systems.  Hormone-receptor
pairs would seem to be an example of what intelligent-design guru
Michael Behe calls "irreducible complexity" (ID).  One without
the other would be useless.  However, Behe scoffed to the NY
Times that Hormone-receptor pairs aren't really ID.  Either he's
still a little cranky from the Dover trial, or he just prefers
miracles .


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Thanks for the story Steve.

What's new on ID?

Well, I'll take this opportunity to tell you about a French creationist anthropologist named Anne d'Ambricourt who believed in prescribed evolution (do you know her, JAD? ;) ). Yes, we have our own Davison.

Needless to say that her theory concerning the prescribed evolution of Homo is not even considered by her colleagues. However she managed to have a documentary shown at prime time on a French-German channel, that was apparently pushed here by some chistian fundation.

Unfortunately, I can't provide you any links in English.

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