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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 03 2006,02:24   


This Account Has Been Suspended
Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.

Looks like they haven't paid their bill.


Occam's Toothbrush

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 03 2006,05:31   

That's funny, to me it seems like the whole thing is about Bill getting paid.  Dembski, that is.

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Well, they've already lost.  The scam is over.  Time to pack up, bury the stinking corpse, and start work on whatever the NEXT scam turns out to be.  (shrug)

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 04 2006,21:39   

Has dembski commented on this yet at his new overwhelmingwhatever site?

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