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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 01 2005,01:40   

TWO Ivy presidents take stand on intelligent design
Brown Daily Herald - Providence,RI,USA
.. intelligent design in recent months, while faculty at these universities,
as well as at Brown, have been similarly outspoken in their support of
evolution. ...

POLARIZATION of science hurts Intelligent Design
Oklahoma Daily - Norman,OK,USA
.. Intelligent Design (ID) movement in light of the recent decision by
the Kansas Board of Education to allow the teaching of alternate theories
to evolution in ...

INTELLIGENT Design is a theory with no evidence
Oklahoma Daily - Norman,OK,USA
.. The argument against ID is a simple one. The "evidence" that ID offers
only consists of counter-arguments against evolution. ...

UC Berkeley sued for hosting evolution website
The California Aggie Online - USA
The intelligent design and evolution battle is heating up as a couple from
Granite Bay filed a lawsuit against the operators of a UC Berkeley website
last month ...
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