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Peter Henderson

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(Permalink) Posted: June 04 2009,10:15   

Dr. Grady McMurtry is a frequent visitor to the UK and has just launched a DVD produced by Revelation TV (which is really plugging YECism). He's supposed to be a member of Mensa. In this Youtube clip, he claims the world will end soon due to the decay of the Earth's magnetic field, makes some interesting claims on geology, and claims the fossil record as portrayed in textbooks doesn't exist. Oh, and there's also the old YEC chestnut on "polystrate fossils" :


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Thanks for bringing this to our attention, but I have some really bad news for Dr. McMurtry. My calculations reveal that the world will end because the reverse magnetic flux capacitor explodes.  And everytime a YEC or IDist speaks or posts, it cuts into the Truth Zone, thereby placing the universe closer to hell, and causing an increase in global warming thus exacerbating the problem.

This was revealed to me by God, so there is no chance of this being wrong.  Too bad Dr. McMurtry.

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