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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 22 2006,15:20   

I don't know if it's been pointed out before, but does anybody else find it oddly ironic that evangelical christians focus on the flagellum as an argument for "irreducible complexity", when the original usage of the word flagellum referred to the type of whip that was supposedly used to flog Jesus with?



"After a criminal's condemnation, it was the custom for a victim to be scourged with the flagellum, a whip with leather throngs." 10 This wipe usually had pieces of metal and bone attached to it, thus inflecting even more pain and damage on the body. It was the normal procedure of the Romans to flog the victim until his blood began to flow.11 "Roman scourging was so severe that victims often died under it. For one charged as Jesus was, with sedition, it would have been merciless." 12

Are IDiots just engaging in self flagellation, literally, when they utilize the flagellum as an example of IC?


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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 23 2006,02:45   

I never understood anything about that human sacrifice religion of theirs.


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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 23 2006,10:13   

myself included.

however, it does provide fertile ground for rather tasteless jokes...

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