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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 16 2006,04:19   

Looks like that California social studies teacher who was planning to teach intelligent design creationism was compelled by the Lord himself:  

"I believe this is the class that the Lord wanted me to teach"

When did the Lord (aka intelligent designer, space alien or time traveler) start designing "philosophy" classes in California hick towns?  

Fascinating how the Lord so effortlessly moves from creating systems of irreducible complexity to designing "philosophy" courses.  Who knew?

The Lord Made Her Do It


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This school district is like Dover in a very informative way: they are broke, they are cutting back "on teachers, on programs, on supplies. We used to give students pencils, and we don't even do that anymore." They can't help but be aware that a) they're guaranteed to lose the court case; which b) will cost them millions.

Yet the board goes ahead and votes for it anyway! Truly, religion addles the mind in fundamental ways. You stop wondering what they could possibly be thinking, and start wondering if religion LETS them think in the first place.

Now the Greens, evangelical Christians, homeschool their 12-year-old daughter. "That way we can teach her what's right, not what's mandated by the state of California," said Ron Green.

Maybe there's an insight here. They are raising their daughter to become a fully-qualified poor rural school district board member.


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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 16 2006,04:40   

Wouldn't it be good if the Lord made Mohammad Katami decide he didn't want to nuke Israel (and I'm sorry, but He does bear a particular responsibility there), or persuade Kim Il Sung to be nice to his people? While He was at it, He could drop a hint or two to AIDS researchers, or whoever it is who's in line for His next big natural disaster. Or would that be counter-productive?

But noooo, He has to go confusing schoolkids in SoCal. Truly, these are mysterious ways that passeth all understanding.


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Dean Morrison

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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 16 2006,04:54   

James Randi has also noticed that the ID is a bit mysterious when it comes to 'his ways' - lucky we've got Pat Robinson to explain to us what's on his mind....

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