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A while back, Dembski alluded to some upcoming project with a Nobel Laureate. He didn't name names, but those of us familiar with the idiotic religious statements made by Richard Smalley

Smalley mentioned the ideas of evolution versus creationism, Darwin versus the Bible's "Genesis." The burden of proof, he said, is on those who don't believe that "'Genesis' was right, and there was a creation, and that Creator is still involved.
suspect it was him. Smalley, however, has just passed away. Had he been working with Dembski? Was the project complete? I wonder if we'll ever know.


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I wonder if we'll ever know.

something published by smallmind and dumbski?

i wonder if we'll ever care.


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Oh, i think it's an interesting situation. At least potentially interesting. Assuming it was Smalley, there are a few possible outcomes:

1) Smalley and Dumbski coproduced a document arguing for Intelligent Design before Smalley died.
2) Smalley wanted to work with Dumbski, told Dumbski he would work on producing ID-supporting materiel soon, but then died.

In the case 1, it's crappy, IDCs will endlessly claim that a nobel laureate agrees with them. In case 2, Dumbski has an interesting choice. Does he say, "Nobel Laureate Richard Smalley supported ID, he told me so."? That could make him look bad, Smalley being unavailable for confirmation.

Tom Ames

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FYI: According to Smalley's pool-cleaner (who was also a really good friend) Smalley, just before he died, renounced ID as "incoherent mumbo-jumbo." He furthermore went on to say that Christianity is the source of all evil in the world, and that theologians are a pack of raving lunatics.

(I actually think that that last part goes a bit too far, but hey, the guy was a Nobel laureate.)

-Tom Ames

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