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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 02 2006,08:25   

Senator Double Talk
Guardian Unlimited - UK
.. law that will virtually ban it, as well as joining Bush in supporting
the teaching of the creationist Intelligent Design theory alongside evolution
in schools. ...

Conn College to host skeptic4s discussion of intelligent design ...
Connecticut College - New London,Connecticut,USA
Best-selling author and renowned skeptic to discuss evolution versus intelligent
design on Oct. 10 at Connecticut College. NEW LONDON, Conn. ...

Neo-Darwinism Vs. Reason
FOX News - USA
.. on the one hand, rule out a priory, any possibility of intelligent
design, and call ... that the designer is intelligent enough to make use
of evolution to create ...

Darwins Ghost
Commonweal - New York,NY,USA
.. Darwinism is to ignore or reject both the evidence for evolution and
the scientific methodology used to demonstrate its validity. Intelligent
Design theory (ID ...

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