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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 27 2006,06:57   

Q&A: intelligent design
Guardian Unlimited - UK
.. Many of the arguments used to defend intelligent design are directly
related to creationist arguments that have previously been refuted.
Evolution theory, on ...
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Dover trial on silver screen?
York Daily Record - York,PA,USA
.. board's decision to require biology teachers to present, as an
alternative to the scientific theory of evolution, a mention of intelligent
design, a concept ...

Who are Truth in Science?
Guardian Unlimited - UK
The pro-evolution group the British Centre for Science Education estimates
.. t Know and The Design Inference: the scientific evidence for
intelligent design. ...

Ethics progress
Anchorage Daily News - Anchorage,AK,USA
.. "Intelligent design" isn't any more scientific. It sometimes offers
legitimate critiques of evolution and science, noting that they can't
explain everything. ...

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