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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 05 2006,03:47   

[The president] complained that reforms in the country's universities were difficult to accomplish and that the educational system had been affected by secularism for the last 150 years. But, he added: "Such a change has begun."

But hey, relax!  It's just happening in Iran.  Nobody in America thinks like this, right?

Anyway, here's the article.

Quote (afdave @ Oct. 02 2006,18:37)
Many Jews were in comfortable oblivion about Hitler ... until it was too late.
Many scientists will persist in comfortable oblivion about their Creator ... until it is too late.

Arden Chatfield

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You scared me for a second, I thought this was from some speech Bush gave before the Southern Baptist Convention or something.

The sad thing is, Ahmadinejad probably CAN do this to Iran, in a mere couple years, if he wants.

Suddenly Ahmadinejad and David Horowitz don't look so different after all...

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Maybe this should be posted on Conservative Christian fora, without identifying the nation? My bet would be that the US fundies will presume that GWB said this, and will voice their support. Then one can reveal that the policy they're cheering for was being instigated by the guy they hate the most.

Tee hee!

Of course, they still wont see that all fundies are as bad as each other. To do that, they would need functioning brains.

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