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(Permalink) Posted: May 05 2005,11:32   

Hello friends.  Despite how well our bodies work, the notion that they were designed by an omnipotent and benevolent entity has always struck me as ridiculous.  

I wonder if anyone has good data on what percentage of females died during childbirth before the advent of modern sanitation.  Even today there are places where that value is grotesquely high.  

In a common sense approach, this seems like the most obvious evidence that the human body was not designed by an entity generally thought of as God (i.e., omnipotent and benevolent).  What all powerful, loving entity would create humans that frequently died in the process of giving birth?  

Take care.


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WHO quotes 1,000-1,500 per 100,000 births here.


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Do I need to point out that the antievolutionists have an "explanation": the curse Adam and Eve received?

Sheikh Mahandi

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I remember reading somewhere, that someone at ICR had estimated that the current population should be in the region of 10/\47, I may be sticking my neck out here, but do you think they forgot to take into account premodern childbirth deaths, and infant mortality rates?

"Love is in the air, everywhere I look around,.....Love is in the air, every sight and every sound,......"

Henry J

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That, among other things like some people getting eaten, and other such trivial details.  :p


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