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(Permalink) Posted: May 20 2006,15:20   

Scientists broke a gene which enabled a behavior, then selected for the behavior, and watched mutation and selection fix the gene.


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(Permalink) Posted: May 20 2006,15:35   

looks pretty slick.

show it to Pim or Wes and see if they can get the full article for the thumb.


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(Permalink) Posted: May 20 2006,20:22   

Wow. Just wow.

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(Permalink) Posted: May 21 2006,03:04   

Given all the things that've happened in the last year or so, aren't you glad you're not a loser creationist?


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(Permalink) Posted: May 21 2006,03:12   

Talking about adaptive mutations, there's a paper in Nature.

Nature 441, 310-314 (18 May 2006) | doi:10.1038/nature04677; Received 3 January 2006; Accepted 23 February 2006

Evolution of an obligate social cheater to a superior cooperator

Francesca Fiegna1, Yuen-Tsu N. Yu1, Supriya V. Kadam1 and Gregory J. Velicer1

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Obligate relationships have evolved many times and can be parasitic or mutualistic. Obligate organisms rely on others to survive and thus coevolve with their host or partner. An important but little explored question is whether obligate status is an evolutionarily terminal condition or whether obligate lineages can evolve back to an autonomous lifestyle. The bacterium Myxococcus xanthus survives starvation by the social development of spore-bearing fruiting bodies. Some M. xanthus genotypes defective at fruiting body development in isolation can nonetheless exploit proficient genotypes in chimaeric groups. Here we report an evolutionary transition from obligate dependence on an altruistic host to an autonomous mode of social cooperation. This restoration of social independence was caused by a single mutation of large effect that confers fitness superiority over both ancestral genotypes, including immunity from exploitation by the ancestral cheater. Thus, a temporary state of obligate cheating served as an evolutionary stepping-stone to a novel state of autonomous social dominance.


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(Permalink) Posted: May 22 2006,12:05   

I don't know.  I mean they're still just bacteria.  :p

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(Permalink) Posted: May 23 2006,12:19   

Re "I don't know.  I mean they're still just bacteria."

Well, yeah!

Now that that's settled...


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