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(Permalink) Posted: May 22 2007,21:00   

The guy who taught my Philosophy of Science classes did a very good job at hiding his biases. After a whole year, I suspected that he was a Theistic Evolutionist, but he hid it well. He generally just waited for you to express a position, and then attacked you with both barrels. When he tried to support ideas like 'Creationism is Science', he had a limited number of reputable scholars to employ, and the one who did the most work was Plantinga. I was left feeling that Plantinga did the best possible job defending creationism, but that the defense was still flawed. Anyway, if you're not familiar with the guy's work, check out the Wikipedia page on him.

After years of dealing with the UD types, it's at least kind of refreshing to see the best possible arguments for theistic biology.


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I've read a bit of Plantinga's stuff and a few of the critiques. I'm a philosophy amateur and neophyte but I can't say Plantinga's stuff impressed me too greatly and the critiques seemed spot on in places (oh noes I am sure the great man will cry himself to sleep now! Not.).

This is an interesting topic for a thread, but the reading I'd have to do to contribute more meaningfully is worrying! ;-)

I'll add it to my list!



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