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Jason Spaceman

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(Permalink) Posted: Aug. 21 2006,19:51   

Bloggers try to discredit experts on evolution's connection to bloodshed

Posted: August 22, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern

© 2006

A new television program linking Darwin to Hitler and the contemporary abortion industry isn't even on the air yet, and already the attacks have begun on those who appear in it.

Author and Christian broadcaster D. James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Ministries said the new "Darwin’s Deadly Legacy" is a ground-breaking inquiry into Darwin’s "chilling" social impact, and it will air nationwide on Aug. 26-27 on "The Coral Ridge Hour."

But yesterday comments appeared on the Pharyngula website, among others, offering stinging criticism of those on the show,

One of those targeted was Human Genome Project Director Francis Collins, whose book, "The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief," was published only a few months ago.

"I have no idea what role Collins is going to play in this dishonest piece of trash, but I hope he is properly ashamed of being associated with it," one critic said. "Unfortunately, we're going to have to watch it to find out."

Collins explained that he had been interviewed by Coral Ridge about his book, and the taping was inserted into the program without his advance knowledge.

Read it here.


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(Permalink) Posted: Aug. 23 2006,03:28   

Ahh, and once again, it's the difference in the sides.  Pharyngula makes a mistake, and then corrects that mistake on the 20th at 11am.  WingNut decides two days later to publish the mistake, but not publish about the correction and apology.  Gotta love it.

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