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Jason Spaceman

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Theory has a place in Texas schools, he says; most rivals disagree

By W. Gardner Selby
Friday, January 06, 2006

Gov. Rick Perry, a Republican who has made outreach to Christian conservatives a theme of his gubernatorial portfolio, thinks Texas public school students should be taught intelligent design along with evolutionary theory, his office said Thursday.

Three Democratic challengers for governor this year and independent hopeful Kinky Friedman disagreed. Independent candidate Carole Keeton Strayhorn had no immediate comment, and a little-known Democratic hopeful sided with Perry. . . .

. . .Texas mandates the teaching of evolution, both its strengths and weaknesses, in science classes.

Perry "supports the teaching of the theory of intelligent design," spokeswoman Kathy Walt said. "Texas schools teach the theory of evolution; intelligent design is a valid scientific theory, and he believes it should be taught as well."

She said elements of creationism are consistent with intelligent design and that teaching different theories is part of developing students' critical thinking skills.

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