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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 06 2007,15:03   

If you haven't seen the PBS/NOVA forum for discussing "Judgment Day -- Intelligent Design on Trial" you might want to drop by.  Could get interesting within the next week or two.

NOVA: Judgment Day -- Intelligent Design on Trial

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Sigh.. I was enjoying the scattered chatter on the forum before the show aired.  There's someone on there, goes by the name of PvM PandaS, who's just brilliant.  He plays the scientific Christian card, he's slapping the fundies around for insulting HIS faith.  I wish I had that kind of calm patience.
Wait a minute.. OH, PvM from Panda's Thumb!  I don't know if PvM is a he or her, apologies if I got it wrong but, well, ya'know, I'm a guy and I tend to assume male identities by default and have no other indications to change my assumptions.. (on a side note, I'm increasingly of the opinion that we need some sort of a neutral gender pronoun, especially in the Internet age where we so often communicate anonymously like this)

But after the show.. man.. the tard really hit the fan.  Thread after thread with the same content.  Liberal bias, atheist conspiracy, taxpayer money, bad science, everyone knows evolution is wrong.. Someone even brought out the second law of thermodynamics, and when it was pointed out that the Earth isn't a closed system proceeded to say that the entire universe IS.. thus apparently suggesting that the universe violates the SLoT.

PvM is going around actually replying to all of the maniacal posts.  He's practically cutting and pasting the same responses because everyone is saying the same thing.

This is the peak of the idiocy that I've seen so far.. at the end of a very long post in which the poster demonstrates he knows as little about paragraphs as he does evolution (in other words, it's one massive paragraph)..


I just want to cry.  The work of so many scientists, so many entire scientific disciplines.. and these people don't even think any of it exists.  Because religion is offended by a scientific field then the entire thing becomes politics and off limit to science!

In other threads I've seen someone complain that the show didn't explain how someone can be a Christian and "believe" in Evolution.. behold the religious intolerance laid bare for all to see.

In another thread I see someone explaining that religious faith is like a muscle.. it grows stronger when it's tested..  ON A FORUM WHERE PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO ARGUE THAT ID IS SCIENCE AND NOT RELIGION!

While I know that a depressingly larger number of Americans deny evolution, I also know that the militant fundies are still a smaller percentage.. but seeing so many gathered together to demonstrate their willingness to selectively ignore most of a two hour show in order to defend their position is kind of spirit crushing.


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This one is priceless (well, a lot of them are, come to think of it, but this one made me explode in insane laughter):
None of the glaring problems of "big science" were explored. A perfect example was the expert who presented the cross between fish and the amphibian. In his fourth trip to the Canadian Arctic "just as the money was about to run out" he just happened to make his big discovery. You can't tell me this gentleman didn't have an agenda and purpose in finding what he found when he found it. What happened if he didn't make some kind of discovery? Well, his funding would have run out of course. Why wasn't this clear conflict of interest explored? If you go into any course of discovery hellbent on finding something, guess what? You will find it!


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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 14 2007,21:26   

there's already a thread for Judgment Day.

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