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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 14 2006,23:10   

PARENTS file suit to halt intelligent-design course
Dallas Morning News (subscription) - TX,USA
.. is suing a small California school district to force it to cancel a
four-week high school elective on intelligent design, creationism and
evolution that it ...
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EVOLUTION and intelligent design are focus of debate
Orlando Sentinel - Orlando,FL,USA
The issue of evolution versus intelligent design will be debated at 7:30
pm Thursday in the East Campus Performing Arts Center at Valencia Community
College ...

MIKE Odegaard letter: Intelligent design goes to the truth
In-Forum (subscription) - Fargo,ND,USA
If we don't allow the concept of intelligent design, how do we get to the
truth ... 1300 cc's. How can you explain such a radical change in evolution,
that the ...

PITT State to teach science the same
Pittsburg Morning Sun - Pittsburg,KS,USA
.. I just point out that the primary unifying theme in biology is evolution.
.. Triplett said that scientists thought of intelligent design as souped-up
creationism ...
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NO end to debate likely
York Daily Record - York,PA,USA
.. Some see the intelligent design versus evolution debate as scientific,
not emotional; others consider it an emotional issue because it broaches
firm religious ...

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