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I just wanted to say thankyou.  I'm not a scientist and I've only studied science as a standard class (I'm a highschool student) but I am interested in Intelligent Design and concerned about its growing support from the general public. I've learned a lot from The Panda's Thumb, and  It is from these sites that I learned why ID isn't science and isn't an "alternative" to evolution to be given "equal time", why evolution isn't a mere theory in the conventional sense of the word and what the true goals of ID leaders are.
Thanks TalkOrigins for the html transcripts of the Dover trial.  Adobe Acrobate screws up my computer and I would not have been able to access them otherwise.  They have been great to read, and very informative!  Although I never doubted that there was at least a link between the two, I never would have thought that "intelligent design" was actually substituted for the word "creationism" in later drafts of the same book, the very book ID proponents promote as a school text!  
I wish I had more positive things to say about ID and its proponents, but they only seem to use manipulative and misleading tactics to further their goals, and their goals by their own words are to use ID as a "wedge" to "overthrow materialism" and replace it with religious convictions.
Again, thankyou for teaching me so much about this issue.  When I previously felt divided over whether ID should be taught at schools alongside evolution, to teach "both sides", I now see there's no more need to do so than to teach "both sides" of heliocentrism.

Henry J

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I'm another amateur in this subject as well, and I'll second the appreciation for the material here (and on I'll also guess that this is a good place for your post, at least until somebody ever gets the plumbing fixed over on the Thumb (that's a hint to TPTB).


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