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Jason Spaceman

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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 04 2006,21:42   

If you think the creationists are bad in the US, check out Turkey.

by Matt Mossman  • Posted November 4, 2006 12:30 AM

To find the front lines of a culture war in Turkey, walk into a kebab shop in the Uskudar district of Istanbul. Meat sizzles on metal skewers, and Persian carpets adorn the walls. Look closely and you'll find a portrait of Charles Darwin—framed in dripping blood.

This is a "creation museum," the brainchild of Adnan Oktar. He's the 50-year-old founder of Bilim Ara&#351;tirma Vakfi ("Scientific Research Foundation"), a creationist organization mounting one of the most potent offensives against evolution outside of the United States.

In its latest campaign, BAV has opened more than 80 "museums" in restaurants, malls, and city halls across Turkey, each stocked with fossils, posters, and eager volunteers. Oktar's disciples use tactics cribbed from US organizations like California's Institute for Creation Research, instructing passersby that evolution cannot explain biology's complexity and is against the word of God.

Read it here.

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