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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 28 2005,11:26   

ND bans intelligent design debate
Science Daily (press release) - USA
.. evolution.xml" class='morenews'>Legislator wants intelligent design
(August 11, 2005) -- A Utah legislator says if evolution is taught in
biology, then the ...
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INTELLIGENT-DESIGN Ban: More Significant Than 'Christmas Wars'
Jewish Exponent - Philadelphia,PA,USA
.. Darwin's theory of evolution, a statement be read labeling evolution
as "not a fact," and referring students to another book on intelligent
design to learn more ...
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INTELLIGENT design not a formal part of local classes
Times-Mail (subscription) - Bedford,IN,USA
.. The Pennsylvania policy required students to hear a statement about
intelligent design before ninth-grade evolution lessons stating that Darwin's
theory of ...
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EVOLUTION and Intelligent Design
Liberty Magazine - Silver Spring,MD,USA
.. Under that definition, evolution excludes intelligent design.". ...
Editor's Note: The intelligent design versus evolution debate is heating
up. ...

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