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(Permalink) Posted: June 12 2007,22:51   

via CNN

The beginning of the article:

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Don Herbert, who as television's "Mr. Wizard" introduced generations of young viewers to the joys of science, died Tuesday. He was 89.

Herbert, who had bone cancer, died at his suburban Bell Canyon home, said his son-in-law, Tom Nikosey.

"He really taught kids how to use the thinking skills of a scientist," said former colleague Steve Jacobs. He worked with Herbert on a 1980s show that echoed the original 1950s "Watch Mr. Wizard" series, which became a fond baby boomer memory.

In "Watch Mr. Wizard," which was produced from 1951 to 1964 and received a Peabody Award in 1954, Herbert turned TV into an entertaining classroom. On a simple, workshop-like set, he demonstrated experiments using household items.

"He modeled how to predict and measure and analyze. ... The show today might seem slow but it was in-depth and forced you to think along," Jacobs said. "You were learning about the forces of nature."

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*tips hat*

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*Lifts glass of wine*

Bye, Mr. Wizard. Aw, dang.  :(

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I used to watch Mr. Wizard religiously when I was a kid. I used to hate how he treated the kids as though they were smart and dumb at the same time. And I hated how the kids were invariably super cheesy. But I still loved that show and I'm sad to hear that old Mr. Wizard has gone to the great baking soda and vinegar volcano in the sky.

(oh, and the show I watched was the one on Nickelodeon during the 80s. It would come on sometime around You Can't Do that on Television. I know he had another in the 50s or something.)

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I used to watch Mr. Wizard religiously when I was a kid.

something ironic in that statement...

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