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1) Show me one instance where science transplanted a group of animals to a new environment and observed them for multiple generations to see if new traits quickly/purposefully/nonrandomly emerged.

2) Show me one instance of science testing/disproving lamarckian-style inheritance.

3) Show me one instance (controlled experiment) where science set out to prove/disprove darwinism on real animals.

4) Show me one instance where science dated a dinosaur bone with carbon 14 to rule out recent existence.

5) Show me one instance of an evolutionist (any book, any website) admitting that the change we see in the field and fossil record may not be "evolution" (aka RMNS)at all, but simply individual organisms' ability to utilize their built-in genetic diversity to adapt themselves to their local environment – that selection may not have anything to do with phenotypic change over time.

6) Show me even one instance of the National media coming out with a story that questioned Darwinism or explained the other side of the debate.

7) Show me one instance of a genetic mistake (random mutation/copying error) that that created a new, beneficial body part.

8.) Show me one instance where an accumulation of mutations created a new species.

9) Show me one instance of a mutation that formed a new organ or limb.

10.)  Show me one example ever documented in the history of science that has created a new, beneficial, selectable morphological addition to an existing body part.    .    (a mutation that alters physical, outward appearance in a beneficial way. )

11) Show me one instance of natural selection proven by controlled experiment. Heck, show me one controlled experiment attempting to test natural selection at all, regardless of the outcome.

12) Show me one instance of a new gene forming that codes a new protein and performs a new function.

13) Show me one instance of a new developmental pathway forming.

14) Show me in the fossil record evidence of millions of bizarre, experimental phenotypic freaks and monstrosities that no-doubt had to occur if variation arose randomly. Or, Show me any from today. (I'm not talking defects...I'm talking new body parts that appear in weird places for no reason...)

15) Explain to me why we don’t see humans or dogs or alligators with accidental wings forming. (If the possibility was there for random mutations to produce wings on reptiles or mammals in the past, then it should also be happening now.)

16) show me a set of skeletons that transition from ape to man by way of small modifications.

17) Show me how a cell could evolve randomly:

Carl Sagan, the modern-day evolutionary spokesperson has admitted: "The information content of a simple cell (is) comparable to about a hundred million pages of the Encyclopaedia Britannica."

18. Show me some instances of mutations that add information to the genome:

Bonus question: (25 pts extra credit) -- Show me the origin of anything.

Wesley R. Elsberry

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Use the thread you already have for this discussion.

Opening redundant threads will cause you to lose thread creation privileges.

"You can't teach an old dogma new tricks." - Dorothy Parker

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