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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 09 2007,03:50   

Monkey Girl: Evolution, Education, Religion, and the Battle for ...
PopMatters - Chicago,IL,USA
School boards demand that Bible-based creationism or its latest iteration,
intelligent design, be taught alongside evolution. Lawsuits are filed. ...

RESEARCH AND IDEAS Films Warning to Scientists: Heed the Dodos
Daily Californian - Berkeley,CA,USA
The Flock of Dodos looks at the intelligent design versus evolution
debate, focusing on key people and issues surrounding the 2005 Kansas Board
of ...

Churches to address debate over evolution
Press &amp; Sun-Bulletin - Binghamton,NY,USA
Neither evolution nor intelligent design is frequent fodder for sermons,
according to the Pew Forum. In a 2006 survey, about 40 percent of
Christians from ...

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