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Ivins: As Texas schools suffer, Perry can only pander

Molly Ivins isn't happy with the obvious pandering to the creationist crowd by Texas Governor Rick Perry who is running for re-election.  Perry recently said IDC was a legitimate science theory that should be taught in public schools.

Two days later Perry said he had no intention of sponsoring or encouraging any legislation to promote IDC in Texas classrooms.  He has not explained what exactly is scientific about IDC.

Rick Perry has been pandering to extreem right factions ever since Karl Rove became one of his advisors a few years ago.

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Perry is simply trying to position himself where he thinks he will attract the most votes. When an experienced (and winning) politician takes a position like this, it's a very strong indication that the people of the state (his constituency) agree with that position.

Now, you might argue that anyone who leads by appealing to the most ignorant common denominator, leads his state in the same sense that the carved figurehead leads the ship. Nonetheless, as governor his decisions matter.

Molly Ivins is a national treasure, always worth reading. She has a sure instinct for the absurd, the corrupt, and the dishonest. Even if she only points that instinct toward Republicans and somehow overlooks Democratic exercises of these same skills.

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