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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 28 2005,22:45   

MARTINEZ: Intelligent design is not science
Bakersfield Californian (subscription) - Bakersfield,CA,USA
.. Californian reported last week that so far, the classroom syllabus
includes only speakers on creationism and intelligent design and not evolution,
but in theory ...
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EVOLUTION vs. Intelligent Design in Science Class; How About ...
Opinion Editorials - Fairfax,VA,USA
The debate over Evolution and Intelligent Design (call it Creationism)
is evidence of this reality. Parts of both theories are self-evident.
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OTHER views: Judge Jones was wrong about intelligent design
In-Forum (subscription) - Fargo,ND,USA
.. Judge John E. Jones was wrong to rule that the theory of intelligent
design should not be taught alongside the theory of evolution in our school
classrooms. ...
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WINNING Intelligent Design Case Puts Plaintiffs Attorneys in ...
Texas Lawyer (subscription) - TX,USA
.. intelligent design could soon be tested. Harvey said even if someone
brought a more cautious case that excluded the discussion of flaws of
evolution, they ...

HOTLINE: Banjo: A most intelligent design
Boston Herald - United States
An exhibit tracing the, uh, evolution of the banjo will be at the Boston
Athanaeum July 26-Oct. 1. Currently on view through March ...

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