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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 31 2008,18:55   

Can I get a bit of interpretive help since my googling has failed me?  The following is the complete text of the shortest letter to the editor I have ever seen.

How can evolution work when the central dogma proves DNA only has information for making DNA, RNA and protein?


What is he trying to say?  I believe I do a fair job countering our local antievolution cranks when they copy and paste the usual canards.   But when I am not even sure what point he thinks he is making....

Henry J

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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 31 2008,22:38   

Huh. I can only guess, but I'll guess the writer of that "thinks" that making cells and larger structures would require additional information beyond that needed to make the required proteins.

AFAIK, DNA directly provides formulas for RNA, and indirectly (via the RNA) for proteins. It's also a template for making copies of itself.

Structures made out of the proteins are, afaik, simply a natural consequence of how those chemicals interact with each other and whatever else is present in the cell.



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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 31 2008,23:11   

That is the best theory I could come up with as well.

Ye olde '747 from a tornado in a junkyard' argument is easily handled, but I was/am caught offguard by 'why do 747s come from 747 factories?'.

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