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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 30 2005,16:50   

KANSAS professor apologizes for critique
Science Daily (press release) - USA
.. evolution.xml" class='morenews'>Intelligent design-evolution trial
begins (September 26, 2005) -- A federal trial began Monday in Harrisburg,
Pa., on a suit ...
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'INTELLIGENT design': What do scientists fear?
USA Today - USA
.. For those who remain -- like you -- and want intelligent design taught
alongside evolution, why not have a series of televised debates so the
public could ...
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INTELLIGENT Design: Course will evolve on student interest
Knox College - Galesburg,IL,USA
Professor Martin Roth's philosophy course at Knox College this term, "Intelligent
Design," combines evolution and design, in a study of a topic that is

SLASHBACK: BlackBerry, Cloning, Smart Hotels
Slashdot - USA
.. University sued for supporting evolution. ... While most debates center
around whether or not Intelligent Design is "religion in the classroom,"
the Caldwells are ...

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