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(Permalink) Posted: Aug. 07 2006,13:22   

Kansas Citizens Vote For Pro-Evolution School Board
About - News &amp; Issues - New York,NY,USA
.. just what evolution can and cannot explain, students should know about
the controversy. The standards did not include any reference to Intelligent
Design theory ...

Onward Christian Soldier
Left Hook - USA
.. they can now package Creationism as a secular "scientific theory" that
"rivals" Evolution. The problems with the "theory", called Intelligent
Design, are that ...

Darwin in Mind 'Intelligent Design' Meets Artificial Intelligence
Skeptical Inquirer - USA
Proponents of "Intelligent Design" claim information theory refutes Darwinian
evolution. Modern physics and artificial intelligence ...
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A Quarter Century of Skeptical Inquiry My Personal Involvement
Skeptical Inquirer - USA
.. Similarly, the case for intelligent design, long thought to have been
discredited in the ... the only major democracy in which the theory of
evolution is hotly ...

Reform Jewish Leader Applauds Court Ruling in Intelligent Design ...
Religious Action Center (press release) - Washington,DC,USA
.. The scientific theory of evolution is being challenged in public schools
and ... As the Court rightly held, intelligent design, also known as creationism,
is not ...

Intelligent Design" on Evolution
People For the American Way - Washington,DC,USA
.. signed off on a new draft of science standards that includes language
from backers of intelligent design. The regrowth of the anti-evolution
movement may ...

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