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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 17 2007,20:48   

Standing up to a Fundamentalist/Creationist on the Florida State University campus on Darwin Day.

YouTube Video


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The disrupter could have said that he was standing up to the Darwinist cult.

Also, I hate that crap about "free speech zones." It's totally un-American. The whole country is a free speech zone.

EDIT: Now here's a video everyone can "get behind."

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Quote (phonon @ April 28 2007,12:59)
Also, I hate that crap about "free speech zones." It's totally un-American. The whole country is a free speech zone.


Back years ago, when Bush the Elder was Prez, he came to give a speech at a local school in Pennsylvania, and me and some of my Wobbly buddies decided to say "hi".  So we camped out early in the morning, right by the front door, and as the crowd started to gather, we happily unfurled our signs and banners.  Alas, we noticed a couple of guys in dark suits and earpieces watching, and after a little while one of them came over and said that we needed to go to the "free speech zone" that was being established, just for our benefit, at the **back of the building***.  After the guy refused to identify himself(back then we thought he was Secret Service or FBI, but looking back now, I think he was probably just some Republican party hack), I told him that I wasn't a lawyer or anything, but the last *I* heard, the entire goddamn United States was a "free speech zone", and I wasn't going to move anywhere, whether he liked it or not. That led to a huddle between three or four of the dark-suited guys, then he came over to me and stated that if I didn't move I would be removed.  I pointed to the TV crews setting up nearby, and informed them that they would have to arrest me if they wanted to go, and they would have to physically drag me awaywhile I'd be kicking and screaming and making as much of a ruckus as I could, right there in front of all those TV cameras.  After another huddle, they decided to "let" us stay, "provided you don't create any trouble".  

Poor Georgie had to walk right past us.

Dude, no one -- not the police, not the FBI, not the Secret Service -- NOBODY has any legal right whatsoever to enforce any of those bullshit "free speech zones" --people only comply with them because they're afraid of the Feds.  So don't let the mother-f'ers get away with it.  Force them to carry you away, and then sue the living crap out of everyone involved.

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