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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 09 2006,20:06   

JUDGE'S Unintelligent Rant Against Design
The Conservative Voice - Kernersville,NC,USA
.. Contrary to most media coverage, the Dover case was not about whether
the theory of evolution or Intelligent Design (ID) is correct or should
be taught. ...
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AMERICANS United Threaten School Over Intelligent Design
Stop the ACLU - New Cumberland,PA,USA
I'm not the best debater on the whole intelligent design vs. Evolution
stuff, but from what I do understand from past debates, the latest threat
from the ...

INTELLIGENT Design is Not About Religion Gregory Rummo
Opinion Editorials - Fairfax,VA,USA
.. that the debate between Darwinists and the proponents of Intelligent
Design is not ... been no such experiments providing the evidence in support
of evolution as a ...

GOD, monkeys and Rocky
The East Carolinian - USA
.. The question at hand was whether a Pennsylvania public school system
could teach Intelligent Design - an alternative to evolution as an explanation
for our ...
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