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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 01 2006,21:02   

JUDGE rules intelligent design is not science
The Christian Century - USA
In a closely watched case over whether intelligent design theory may be
taught in ... teach ID as an alternate explanation for theories of evolution
in science ...
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INTELLIGENCE, design, and a conversation.
WEBCommentary - USA
.. "They're having an argument about how You designed us. One side's behind
evolution and the other hangs its hat on Intelligent Design.". ...

DARWIN'S Pyrrhic victory
Marshalltown Times Republican - Marshalltown,IA,USA
.. Pa., ought to rue their recklessness in forcing biology classes to
hear about 'intelligent design' as an alternative to the theory of evolution,"
declared The ...

2005 Year In Review
ChristianExaminer - USA
.. Earlier in the year, Bush made a statement seeming to support intelligent
design. And the new pope, Benedict XVI, weighed in on the evolution debate
earlier ...

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