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(Permalink) Posted: Jan. 26 2006,00:13   

INTELLIGENT Design - The Hot Potato
About - News & Issues - New York,NY,USA
Intelligent Design theory is having a steady stream of trouble in the ...
administrations and teachers willing to expose students to evolution's
challenges, there ...
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INTELLIGENT Design: The Bridge Between Science & Theology
MediaGab - USA
by William A. Dembski. I picked up the book after taking part in a few
debates over Evolution and ID. The book for what it is about is written
well. ...

CLASS over: Anti-evolution forces lose another round CHARLES C. ...
Ithaca Journal - Ithaca,NY,USA
.. approved a monthlong course called "Philosophy of Design," a thinly
disguised attempt to challenge evolution by promoting intelligent design
and creationism ...
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BRITONS unconvinced on evolution
BBC News - UK
.. accept the theory of evolution, according to a survey. Furthermore,
more than 40% of those questioned believe that creationism or intelligent
design should be ...
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SCHOOL district pulls ID course after suit
The Christian Century - USA
.. behalf of 11 parents, saying the course does not simply teach intelligent
design but teaches ... December said the class would "take a close look
at evolution as a ...

GUEST Column: Intelligent designer would have done better job (subscription) - Amarillo,TX,USA
.. Many proponents of creationism and intelligent design use overly simplistic
arguments to try to demonstrate the "failure" of the theory of evolution.

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