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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 16 2005,14:35   

INTELLIGENT Design: "It's Not Science"
Living on the Earth - Cambridge,MA,USA
.. the courts in Pennsylvania, or perhaps somewhere else here in the United
States, rule in favor of teaching intelligent design alongside evolution,
as recently ...
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CREATION versus intelligent design
Delta Democrat Times - Greenville,MS,USA
Intelligent design vs. evolution, can logic settle the issue? Let's try
and use some common horse sense to reason together. Question - Where did
it all start? ...

BLOOMER'S lag-behind loon survives eagles, ice
Barron News-Shield - Barron,WI,USA
.. Evolution and intelligent design notwithstanding, this bird, with the
help of man has beaten the odds, hopefully to live out its normal twenty-plus
year life ...

VIEWPOINT: What is science? Part I (The demise of positivism)
World Peace Herald - Washington,DC,USA
WASHINGTON -- Today's evolution vs. intelligent design controversy has
provoked popular discussion of some central questions of philosophy of
science: What is ...

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