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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 08 2005,21:17   

INTELLIGENT Design debate on simmer, but could boil over
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription) - MN,USA
.. who include most evolutionary scientists, Intelligent Design is a faith-based
pseudo-science. So far, the debate over the teaching of evolution in Minnesota
is ...
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TILGHMAN criticizes intelligent design
Daily Princetonian - USA
.. Proponents of intelligent design assert that Darwinian evolution is
only a theory and that their theory is an alternative and equally valid
explanation of the ...
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INTELLIGENT Design Or Incompetent Design?
The Moderate Voice - USA
There are few things easier than questioning the intelligent design folks.
.. incredible sharp bend at the base of your spine, which is either evolution's
way ...

DESIGN' a staple of some courses
Kansas City Star - MO,USA
.. Mirecki's course would have been the first in the Department of Religious
Studies to analyze intelligent design and evolution, said Lynn Bretz,
a KU ...

'DESIGN' passage might be cut
Miami Herald - FL,USA
.. said that the book uses only mainstream theories of evolution to teach
the origin of life. Referring to the sentences that describe intelligent
design, she said ...

CREATION struggles to find place in education
Daily Nebraskan - Lincoln,NE,USA
.. that schools must include in their curricula criticisms of evolution,
effectively mandating that students learn both evolution and intelligent
design theories. ...
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