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(Permalink) Posted: July 06 2006,02:09   

I'm No Monkey's Brother
Focus on the Family - Colorado Springs,CO,USA
.. Albeit, those who believe in intelligent design are accused of believing
in faith, not science, many of the concepts of evolution are faith-based,
too  like ...

Unlocking the Mystery of Life
Focus on the Family - Colorado Springs,CO,USA
.. very cells. Isn't it time for an honest look at evolution and intelligent
design? Is the theory of evolution scientific fact? This ...

Cultures clash in Democratic primary
Lawrence Journal World - Lawrence,KS,USA
.. The way it was set up, evolution was the ... Opponents of the new science
standards say they bring intelligent design  the theory that a master
designer formed ...
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How tycoon blazed way to his billions
UK Express - UK
.. He is a major backer of a campaign to have "intelligent design" 
the unproven ... taught in Americas schools instead of Darwins theory
of evolution. ...

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