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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 08 2006,12:46   

If its spring, then the saps are running!
Edmond Sun - OK,USA
.. the clotting cascade was genetically cobbled together through evolution
from preexisting ... was cross-examined in the recent trial over intelligent
design in the ...

Intelligent Design is a Concession of the Inferiority of Faith
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
.. such as outlawing the teaching of evolution, or teaching religious
explanations alongside science, such as creationism. Now the intelligent
design movement is ...
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Health and Science News Roundup
Monsters and - Glasgow,UK
.. of the museum`s $17 million evolution exhibit 'Evolving Planet,' the
Chicago Sun-Times reported Wednesday. McCarter blamed the intelligent
design movement on ...

Origins 101: Worldviews Begin With Beginnings
Agape Press - Tupelo,MS,USA
.. The result is a largely confused public. The following is offered as
a synopsis of Creationism, Darwinian Evolution and Intelligent Design.

Monkey Business
Nashville Scene - TN, USA
.. battle rages on between those who advocate teaching biblical creation
(or its descendant, intelligent design) and those who believe biological
evolution is the ...

CULTURE DIGEST: Catholic Dems issue statement touting faith; poll ...
BP News - Nashville,TN,USA
.. s theory of evolution is taught in school, students also should be
allowed to learn about scientific evidence that points to an intelligent
design of life. ...

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