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I've been doing a little research into HIV denialism, the popular movement spearheaded by Peter Duesberg in the late 1980's that insisted that AIDS was not caused by a virus. It seems as though a number of the people now prominent in ID were also HIV denialists.

I was wondering if anyone out there knew more about this pattern. In particular, I'm trying to get a sense of how widespread HIV denialism was (and is) among the people who now make up the ID movement. I'm also very curious about *why* these two movements are linked. HIV denialism seems to have attracted quite a few social conservatives, and I'd like to be able to document why this was the case.



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I have no clear idea why they might be linked, but the links go back more than a decade.  Phillip Johnson was a founding member of The Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV-AIDS Hypothesis, while Wells signed on by 1993.  Wells, of course, is (or was) associated with Duesberg, a Berkeley molecular biologist and a primary academic pusher of HIV denial.  Interestingly, Johnson (!991) predates Duesberg (1993) as a signer of that group's statement.  Tom Bethell signed on in 1993, too.

Dr. G.H. had a post last year on Pandas Thumb on HIV denial, Holocaust denial, and ID.


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