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For most people, both evolutionists and creationists, intelligent design means Christian creationism. All across Islamic Centers in US and the world and almost every Muslim web sites promote Evolution Deciet, a book published by Harun Yahya. This book is a carbon copy of Institute for Creation Research (ICR) Publications. He uses ICR's distorted "science" to reject science. Only difference is that Yahya does not support recent origin of the earth.

Recently, A book, Creation AND/OR Evolution An Islamic Perspective, by a Muslim theist evolutionist, T.O.Shanavas was released. The author is very critical about Yahya. However, he claims that Theory of evolution has an Islamic root and, in fact, according to him, Muslims proposed theory of evolution centuries before Charles Darwin.

This book is a challenge to those who want to teach Christian creationism or Intelligent design in science class in American public school. America being a secular country, there is a separation of church and state. Government cannot promote any purticular religion. Christian fundamentalists will be frighted and and may back off from corrupting science curriculum if Muslims in any of the states such as Kansas, Pennsylvania, etc demand Shanavas's Islamic creationism to be incuded in the science class along with Christian intelligent design.

Shanavas is a creationist but strongly opposes the teaching of any form of creationism in public schools in America. In a news paper (The Daily Telegram) interview Shanavas states that there is no place for intelligent design in science class rooms. (;CODE=00;f=2)[I][B]


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Do it! What a show that would be!

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