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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 19 2005,22:44   

HOW Intelligent Is Intelligent Design?
Lew Rockwell - Burlingame,CA,USA
.. I will declare up front that I don't regard Intelligent Design as a
likely ... t deny that life on earth is very old, or that Darwinian evolution
has occurred. ...
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MOST Americans Support the Teaching of Intelligent Design in ...
PR Web (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA
.. feel that there are aspects of intelligent design that are based on
scientific fact. Many Americans are also aware that the subject of evolution
is based on a ...

EVOLUTION of complexity
Rutland Herald - Rutland,VT,USA
.. as to a response to Robert Stockett's letter citing Michael Behe's
study of bacterial flagella as good evidence of a creation theory (intelligent
design). ...
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