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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 05 2005,16:20   

The Hovind/Callahan debate page at Faith & Reason Ministries has been updated with expanded commentary, more pictures, and a video clip. The debate page is the ministries' most popular.

So if you missed the original publication or wish to see the most recent version, don't miss the action: young Earth creationism (YEC) vs. theistic evolution. Included are the entire Dec-5-04 debate (mp3) and excerpts (mp3), a video clip (mov, wmv, mpg), photos, commentary and links (including links to Callahan's letter to Hovind and Hovind's radio response, Aug-26-04, mp3).

See the Hovind/Callahan debate link at Faith & Reason Ministries,


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(Permalink) Posted: Dec. 06 2005,20:08   

Hovind is a kook, but he's kinda funny.  He creamed Callahan in this "debate".  Its a shame this format is how most people in the land nowadays recieves what passes for scientific information.  My (slim) hope is that enough latent curiousity will be aroused to offset the easy charms of this latest reconstructionist attack on science.

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