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First of all I am in Texas.  The Discovery Institute came though our state a few years back in an attempt to censor our biology texbooks.  They fell flat on their face.

Around the same time ARN (located in Richardson Texas) tried to get the Plano school district to adopt off Pandas and People.  Fell flat on their face, the board unanimously said #### no to Pandas and Peeps.  It's worth noting Plano is a heavy Republican voting city.

So Texas has a history of thumbing their nose at IDC.  Note that two days after a well respected Texas Republican announced she was going independent and running against Governor Rick Perry he announced his support for IDC in the classroom.  An obvious vote grab for Perry.  Two days later Perry clarified by saying he has no intention of encouraging any legislation to teach IDC or "the controversy", he simply thinks IDC is a legitimate scientific theory.  Note Karl Rove is one of his advisors.

In spite of my beloved Texas' history of just saying no to creationism in the classroom, Governor Perry's comments will no doubt inspire the lunatic fringe in this state once again. Therefore  I am putting together a CD to send to all of the Texas state board members.

The CD will include

1) Ken Miller's Case University presentation

2) Judge Jones' ruling

3) William Dembski's Intelligent Design course materials he uses at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

4) The Original "philosophy" IDC course outline in California with Ken Hurst's comments as well as the most updated version of the class.

5) A copy of the Wedge Document

6) A copy of the Wiki page on Teach The Controversy

In my cover letter I am NOT going to claim intelligent design is creationism or religious, I am not going to tell them I object to any attempts to teach it in school.  Instead the tone will be I am a father of two who simply wants my school board to make informed decisions when it comes to intelligent design in the classroom.  I think the evidence is far more compelling that anything I could say in a cover letter.

And yeah I know you can lead a horse to water but not make him drink and I have no fantasies that this effort of mine is going to change the world, but at least I am doing my part to help inform my state's school board.  

Is there anything else that I should include on this CD?

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The TalkOrigins:
index to creationist claims?
definition of evolution
evidence for evolution?

There's a fair bit more of interesting and highly useful stuff there.  Way too much for a single CD or even to expect anyone to read.  However, you should scan through the site looking for anything that looks especially pertinent to your particular situation.


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sounds good Mr. christopher.

be prepared just in case someone from the school board wants you to speak to these issues in person.

which, if i were you, i would offer to do in any case.

If you decide to speak publically about these issues, there are plenty here who have already done so and I'm sure would be happy to give advice.  I think Wes has done the most and has had a decent amount of success with it; I'm sure he would happily share his experience with you if you shoot him a msg.

good luck, and er, godspeed ;)


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Thanks for the feedback and encouragement guys!

Mr C

Uncommon Descent is a moral cesspool, a festering intellectual ghetto that intoxicates and degrades its inhabitants - Stephen Matheson

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