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Jason Spaceman

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(Permalink) Posted: April 18 2007,07:30   

Court ruling blocks access to popular Web site

The Court of First Instance in Istanbul’s Eyüp district on Tuesday ruled that access to all sub domains of Ek$i Sözlük, (ek&#351;i sözlük, or sour dictionary in English), one of the most popular Web sites among Turkish Internet users, be blocked after the leader of a creationist sect sued the site because of some dictionary entries under his name.

Members of Ek$i Sözlük, a dictionary built up by user contribution not entirely dissimilar to the cyber encyclopedia Wikipedia, share their opinions in a strict dictionary format on just about anything. Adnan Oktar, also called Adnan Hoca and a fervent advocate of creationism, pressed charges against the site, citing some entries he found offensive, accusing the dictionary of slander. Oktar is known for his anti-evolution books written under the pseudonym Harun Yahya.

Read it here.

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