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Jason Spaceman

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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 10 2007,01:41   

Kevin Myers, who writes for the Irish Independent newspaper, seems to have swallowed Harun Yahya's BS hook, line, and sinker.  Maybe it was the flashy pictures.  Anyways, the result is a two part column about why he thinks evolution is wrong.  But really he just repeats the usual creationist stuff about proteins and probability, the Galapagos finches, etc.

Talk about an evolution . . . why Darwin must be cast into primordial and proverbial soup

Thursday March 8th 2007

ONE of the professional consequences of being a columnist is that one is sent books one would never dream of buying. Thus I recently received Volume One of Harum Yahya's Atlas of Creation.

It is easily the most extraordinary book in my possession. It is nearly 800 pages long, employs the kind of extravagant colours one might expect in a religious publication from Salt Lake City of a Hindu religious shrine, and quotes copiously from the Koran in a systematic assault upon the theory of evolution.

Now, I have not read the Koran, but - like the Bible or the Torah - I would have thought it an improbable document upon which to base an assault on Darwin's theories about the origins of species.

However, the author, who is a Muslim, is also a scientist: and it is in the scientific realm that his arguments against Darwinism are, for me anyway, most telling.

And there can be no more fragile base for the entire house of cards that is Darwinism than the creation of the building blocks of life.

This is where evolutionists abandon science and start speaking Old High Tibetan - because, quite simply, the random accidents of life which form the creative tension to the theory of evolution do not and cannot explain the formation of proteins, back in the dawn of time.

You can't have life without proteins.

Read it here.

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Jason Spaceman

Posts: 163
Joined: Nov. 2005

(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 10 2007,01:46   

Here is part II of his column

Once more with feeling . . . why it's time our thinking regarding creation evolved beyond Darwin

Friday March 9th 2007

PART II about (what seems to me, anyway) the heresy of Evolutionism, promptedby the arrival of Haran Yahya's "Atlas of Creation". Evolution is now taught as a fact, across the western world, though much fossil evidence is not merely contradictory, but actually hostile to it. And even the most convinced evolutionists become embarrassed and start mumbling in Eskimo when they try to explain the origin of complex left-handed protein molecules in the primeval swamp that predated life.

No, no, it will never do. So let us consider the other aspect of evolution which Harun Yahya attacks.


The emergence of species through the process of evolution. He dismisses it primarily because the Koran declared that God is the author of all. He even rejects intelligent design, because of the Koran.

However, his argument that animals do not evolve, but remain largely the same, is backed up by the most stunning part of his book: superb colour photographs of living animals and of their apparently identical fossil ancestors. Crabs, oysters, cockroaches, grasshoppers, springtails, ants and beetles from 25 million years ago remain - as far as we can see - in existence today, identical in every detail. The starfish of 360 million years ago is the same as its great granddaughter today.

Or so it seems. Changing climate would surely favour animals which adapted to it by growing thicker of thinner, darker or whiter coats, according to conditions. Yahya does not rule out variations occurring in species; what he argues is that those variations depend on existing genetic material within the species. What is not possible, he argues, is that evolution can add genetic material to one species to create another.

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