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We must be honest with people and with the data - and we must do our homework. It does no good to criticize the evidence for evolution without taking the available data seriously, and dealing with it honestly.  Failure to do so will result in an unnecessary crisis of faith for far too many of our high school and college students, and especially for those who continue their training beyond the college level in the biological and physical sciences. One of the commenters on the post Darwin and the Bible 3 last Tuesday noted:

In my opinion, much of the turmoil was fostered by the small army of Christian writers (every denomination has them) that write so confidently regarding the evils of biological evolution (or more naively "Darwinism") and yet understand very little about where the scientific field is today. ... Therefore, much of the 'turmoil' resulted from what I perceived as intellectual dishonesty from my Christian brothers or sisters.

I couldn't put it any better - failure to deal with the data with integrity is disaster. My assessment of the data leads me to take the position that God used evolutionary mechanisms as his means of creation.

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This guy sounds reasonable to me. What is he doing on the Internet? :D

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Failure to do so will result in an unnecessary crisis of faith for far too many of our high school and college students

Reality's a bitch.

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