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How much money does WAD pay the morphodyke to promote Of Pandas and People the Design of Life?  Seriously, every other thread of hers is about this newest version of Pandas and People.  She's the only one in North America who's talking about it.

Have you noticed that no one seems to have any interest in it?  I can't find a single legit review.   I'm guessing that pretty much everyone is tired of WAD and his Moonie Pocket Pal and could care less what he writes and publishes.  I bet WAD wishes (prays?) that PZ, or Wes, Ian or anyone from the legit science world would do a thorough, slasher review.  The result would be he could claim the review is evidence of the Darwin/atheist conspiracy to silence ID which would help him sell more books to the ID cult.  

And Of Pandas and People the Design of Life was written as a high school or college level text, yes?  Well obviously not a single school in north America is using it as a text because you know full well if one were they'd be shouting it from the rooftops.  Not one fundy school either it would seem.   This is one of those classic "what if you threw a party and no one showed" things.

I could be wrong but this latest incarnation of Pandas and People appears to be a complete failure.  Not just the poor sales at Amazon either.  

Am I wrong?  Talk to me!

The funny part is Dawkins' God Delusion is a NY Times bestseller, I think over 1.5 M copies have been sold and it's now in paperback.  I'm behind the times and just now started reading it.  And Dembski's anti-science tome that was going to overturn Darwinism (per Behe) has sold couple thousand copies, maybe.  For some reason that's histerical to me.

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Quote (Mr_Christopher @ Feb. 13 2008,10:06)
Am I wrong?  Talk to me!

Is there anything in particular you want to talk about?

- pwe

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The already-existing topic is here.

Please check for an already-existing topic before creating a new topic.

If necessary, topic names can be updated.

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